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Now available from Stephen F. Austin State University Press:

Finalist, Stephen F. Austin State University Press National Poetry Book Contest, 2010 

“The poems in A History of Glass are some of the best I have read in years. In these thoughtful, soulful poems every reflection is earned. And they are voyages–Walpert has a natural narrative voice that works through lovingly observed overlapping images, gently pulling the reader into a shared, spiritually rewarding journey. One could not ask for more of poetry.” – Roald Hoffmann, Nobel-winning chemist and  author of Soliton: Poems (New Odyssey Series)

Sample Poems from A History of Glass:
“In the Photograph,” “Aubade,” “Thank You, Persia,” “A History of Glass”

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Now available from Routledge:

Resistance to Science in Contemporary American Poetry examines types of resistance in contemporary poetry to the authority of scientific knowledge, tracing the source of these resistances to both their literary precedents and the scientific zeitgeists that helped to produce them. It concludes by proposing that viewing knowledge as a form of intervention, rather than representation, offers a bridge between poetry and science.

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