Sample Poems and Stories

A sampling of my poems and stories, available online:

16 Planets (The Listener/ Winner Royal Society of NZ Manhire Prize in Creative Science Writing)
Fracture (Fiction Weekly)

8 Poems  (Segue)
3 Poems  (Segue)
“Aubade and “Apology” (First and 3rd place, NZ Poetry Society International Poetry Competition, 2007)
“Jacob” (Bryant Literary Review)
My Father’s Painting” (Rattle)
This Poem is Conversational (Best NZ Poems 2015)
Objective Correlative (Finalist, Rattle Poetry Prize 2011)
Aubade (p. 19 in the 2013 Montreal Poetry Prize Longlist)
There Is No Narrative (p. 173 in the 2011 Montreal Poetry Prize Longlist)

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