Latest Release: Entanglement (Mākaro Press)

Longlisted for the Ockham New Zealand Book Awards Jann Medlicott Acorn Prize for Fiction.
“Best Books of 2021” in the New Zealand Listener: “Ingenious meditation on time, memory and decay.”

ISBN 978-0-9951110-8-0
November 2021
268pp, $35

A memory-impaired time traveller attempts to correct a tragic mistake he made in 1976 when, panicked, he abandoned his brother on a frozen lake in Baltimore. Decades later, in 2011, a novelist researching at the Centre for Time in Sydney becomes romantically involved with a philosopher from New Zealand. A writer at a lake retreat in New Zealand in 2019 obsesses over the disintegration of his marriage following another tragedy.

Are they separate stories, or are they one? Is the time traveller actually travelling? Can the past be changed? As the answers to these questions slowly emerge, the lives become entangled in a tale of love, desperation and physics.

A time-travel novel like no other, Bryan Walpert’s masterful storytelling explores the choices people make to live with the past and suggests the power of literature to redeem.

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“A novel full of two things I can’t stand in fiction— audaciously long sentences and a protagonist who’s a writer —and yet I freaking love this book! Walpert has not only the ear of a poet, but also the ruthlessness of a novelist skilled at unpicking human relationships. Trust me, this story will unfold like a set of dominoes arranged in the shape of your heart.” – Madison Hamill, author of Specimen

“This is a book that makes you slow down your reading because you don’t want the experience to end. That calls to you when you’re going about your day. That makes you nudge your partner to say, Listen to this. Entanglement is erudite, romantic, deeply moving. I reached the end and turned straight back to page one, entangled.” – Gigi Fenster, author of A Good Winter

“…a story that jumps with energy, both emotional and intellectual.” – David Hill, Kete Books (read full review here.)

“…he is definitely not intent on replaying familiar sci-fi tropes. The book is really a complex reflection on the nature of time, memory and regret.” – Nicholas Reid, New Zealand Listener.

“I read the first page and was smitten…Clever and complicated without being pretentious, a rich depth to the themes (some of which you won’t notice until the end when you find they’ve been there all along), lots to unpick and a joy to read.” – Cristina Sanders (read full review here).

“It is a book that requires and rewards full and undivided attention: a perfect summertime read for lovers of science and literature who want something a little more substantial than the latest Stephen King.” – Cushla McKinney, Otago Daily Times.